Good pictures of bands I am/was in, and bad recordings of songs I've written/am writing. I love to sing...

Look for the my favoritess.

On the Stage

Tao Jonz and the Ontological Elephants' Peach Diamond Symphony

2000-now, Backup Singer

The Alaskan Pirate and His Salty Seamen

2002-2007, Mandolin, Backup Singer

Itches in Me Britches my favorites VD song, language from the Early Stewart Libels, co-writer Larry McCraw, producer Damon Victor

Nene Fest Puppet Show Band

2012-2015, Lead Vocals


2014, Commercial

Pathfinder, garage band

Missus & the Walking Sticks

2008-2009, Mandolin, Singing

The Halflight

2002, music for Joe Sweeney's lyrics

The Halflight my favorites


1996-1998, Guitar, Vocals

Leavin' my favorites

The House Song

Push It Away

Robins Egg

The Fall

On the Porch

Love Songs

2017 to 2018

Carried Away/Reach for Me my favorites

I Wanna Love You

Through the Years

River Rise

Lizard Brain


On to You my favorites

Of the Hill & LeSizmore



Best Friends Ever my favorites

Gold. And?

Word Play

2012-15, garage band

Caterwauling my favorites

Cat as Cat Can



2008-2014, garage band

The River Rises


Washer Woman

2008-2012, Hums that went somewhere (also garageband)

The Benefit of the Doubt

Hands to Hold my favorites

SoftG LowFi

1998-2002, Guitar, Vocals

Gossip Song

Polightly Laughing

Sex Con my favorites

No Words


Born of Tomorrow